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Drag Queens

Beyond the Face: Cupcake Canne



I remember when I first saw Cupcake Canne. She was doing “Mein Herr” from Cabaret…and I was hooked. Getting to know Cupcake since, I can attest to just how sweet, wonderful, and like any great dessert…layered this colorful queen is.




Sidney Stokes: Cupcake! Thank you so much for sitting down with me today. Let me start by asking what’s on everyone’s mind, who are you and how did you get in my house?

Cupcake Canne: I’m a drag queen and this is MY house!

SS: I really need to get better about leaving them signature section of my house’s deed blank. A drag queen you say? Tell me how did Cupcake come to be? Baked and frosted or was it something else?

CC: I’ve always had a love for drag but I was too busy pursuing my dance career when I was younger. I guess you could say Cupcake is sort of a career transition. I saw that I could be good at it so I began putting effort into improving my drag. It had nothing to do with frosting although I think I might have some in my cupboard if you’re hungry

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Beyond the Face: Cupcake Canne 11

SS: Oh fantastic! While you are able to pull of two seemingly different talents, and flawlessly I might add, what do you find are their similarities and what is your approach to both of them?


CC: Well, in dancing you become very aware of your body. Which also lends itself to drag. Dancing has helped me a lot with my drag actually. Although I do like to try different things like comedy, spoken word… I think the hardest thing for me about drag. Oddly enough was learning how to be more feminine. As a male ballet dancer, you spend your time training yourself on how to be a strong masculine figure on stage. It was weird at first to let all my feminine traits out. Both dancing and drag are similar because they are performing arts. The audiences, however, are quite different. In dancing, it’s more about making people feel something. In drag, I think it’s more about making sure people are having a good time! Drag is definitely more intimate, more in-your-face!

SS: We have seen queens dance but that was a terrific insight into what goes in to combining talents. When becoming Cupcake how did you choose your aesthetic? Did you know what you wanted to do right away or has it evolved over time?
CC: I think I just choose what I like. I’m attracted to anything vintage 40s, 50s…but again, I don’t want to be pigeonholed as one thing, so I like to try a lot of different looks. Drag for me is about discovery. It can really be anything I want. That’s what I like about it.

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SS: With such a wide range of talents and styles, any city would be lucky to have you. What made you choose to show ’em all off in Los Angeles?
CC: Well thanks! I grew up in Orange County, but like anybody who grows up there, you just want to get out! Why not LA? It’s good to be a little fish in a big sea it makes you work harder!

SS: And since you began swimming in the colorful lights of the LA sea, what has been your favorite part so far?

CC: There are really too many things to count. I like the relationships that I’ve developed amongst other queens. I like the exposure that you get from being in Los Angeles. The opportunities out here are just endless! The diehard drag fans out here are kind of awesome! Seeing familiar faces in the audience all the time!


SS: I agree, the diehard drag fans are out here * winks at mirror I think is a camera* One thing some might not know about LA is we really have two different gay areas: West Hollywood (WeHo) and Silverlake, both with different atmospheres. You are a queen who walks both worlds like a runway. What to you are their biggest differences and their best similarities?

CC: I think there are a lot of queens that are relevant on both sides of town. As far as their similarities…there’s none. If I got into the differences, we’d be here all night!

SS: Oh so true! If you had to pick one or I’ll take away the cocktail bar, what is your favorite difference?
CC: The scene on the East side I think is a little bit more accepting… there, I said it!

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Beyond the Face: Cupcake Canne 11

SS: Ooooooo! Cupcake has gone there, Thank the Cher above too because I was worried you would call my bluff about getting rid of the cocktail bar…I clearly have no intention of doing that.

CC: Generally speaking, I don’t think people realize how hard it is to do what drag queens do.

SS: Please elaborate on that. I think it’s an extremely true point!

CC: They don’t realize the hours of preparation it takes just to get ready. On top of picking out your three different outfits, three different wigs, three different songs each night. They think that if you just go on stage and lip-synch to a song that you’re actually doing nothing at all. People don’t realize that often times you are your own everything! Stylist, make-up artist, choreographer, manager…the list goes on!

SS: And since you are all those things and more, do you ever find a balance or does the balance vary with each gig?

CC: I’m constantly striving to find balance! It’s overwhelming at times but that’s why it’s a labor of love.

SS: Is that also part of the discovery that you mentioned earlier?

CC: C’mon full circle!

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Beyond the Face: Cupcake Canne 11

SS: You’ve accomplished a lot so far, what other goals would you like to see yourself accomplish as your star continues to rise and shine?

CC: Awe man, you’re sweet! Ultimately, as I said before, I want Cupcake to be a career transition. Dancing is a borrowed gift and I can only do it for so long. I would also be lying if I didn’t say I wanted a shot at that Drag Race crown! IF I was lucky enough to have that chance!

SS: And all of us want that for you! Now, Cupcake you ready for…


CC: I’m on it!

SS: Who is your gay icon?

CC: Madonna

SS: What is your favorite song from the 90s?

CC: George Michael Too Funky

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Beyond the Face: Cupcake Canne 11

SS: What’s your favorite drink?

CC: Redbull

SS: What is one thing people should NOT do to you at a club?

CC: Touch my face or my hair

SS: Where is your favorite place?

CC: My new apartment

SS: Lastly, we at believe in the art of shameless self promotion, so tell us Cupcake…tell us everything that you wanna shamelessly plug or promote?

CC: Well dolls! You can see me the first Monday of every month at the Eagle for RuPaul’s Drag Race. March 30th I will be at Micky’s for Showgirls, that’s also on Monday. All other Mondays I will be at Lip Service at the Abbey! The first Saturday of every month I’m a part of the show called backwoods Barbie at Hamburger Mary’s West Hollywood with an amazing cast! Most other Saturdays if I’m not swinging a dancing gig that weekend you can see me at Rasputin in Weho! Tuesday you can sometimes see me at Pop Ikon, that’s also at Micky’s, upstairs. Come say hi! Otherwise you can check follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Beyond the Face: Cupcake Canne 11

SS: We will indeed! But for now we must say goodbye. I would show you to the door but as you said…you own my house now so I guess I’ll show myself out. Thank you so much for your time and enjoy your new place!

CC: Thanks for coming!


Geek geek.


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Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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