Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Hello ladies and gents. “What the Walking Dead”¬†is back to satisfy your thirst for blood and you will not be disappointed… or will you? This weeks episode didn’t very much going on. Honestly, this felt like another episode that could have been cut by 45 minutes. But for some odd reason we all keep coming back no matter what happens. Honestly the show is probably so quiet right now because life is probably going to go to a deeper hell for our characters any minute now. This episode we find out that Maggie survived and so did her baby. Currently, Maggie is resting at “Hilltop” with Sasha. At the same time, The Saviors are terrorizing the people of Hilltop by taking half of their supplies and letting Walkers sneak in and scare everyone. Back at Alexandria, Carl decides to go after Enid who is running away again. Without a permit, Carl follows Enid and crashes the car. Clearly without insurance, Carl and Enid walk to Hilltop for some odd reason and end up sharing a pretty steamy kiss. Yes, give Rick grand babies!


The Fabulous

Maggie is the Hillary Clinton of this show. She may not always be a winner, but she will never stop fighting. Maggie just watched her husband get his brains bashed out and has officially lost all of her family (except for her baby). Maggie has honestly mourned Glenn faster than any of us could and is already fighting Walkers and taking charge over Hilltop. You go girl! #ImWithHer


The Tragic

The episode was pretty slow. Like I said earlier, it probably could have been cut a lot shorter. Also, who let Carl drive a damn car. He does not even have his learning permit and it showed. Carl needs to practice keeping his “eye on the road” as Chiffon mentioned to me during the WERRRK.com viewing party. Due to Carl’s lack of education I am going take this moment to give you guys some driving tips courtesy of ¬†legal people in Atlanta, Georgia. Wow your day just got so much better!

  1. Be Alert: Keep your eyes on the damn road! What is more important than making sure you know what is around you at all times.
  2. No Need for Speed: Speeding is crazy. If you speed, you will lose control and most likely crash and have your insides chewed on by your zombie neighbors.
  3. Don’t Touch that Dial: If you pick up your phone… I will personally attack you.
  4. Never Drink and Drive: Why would that be a good idea. Did you forget about your insides being chewed up by your neighbors.
  5. Drowsy Driving is Dangerous: Yeah, remember that time Laurie messed up and ended up spending an episode trying to get away from a Walker after she crashed. Mmmhmm.
  6. USE YOUR BLINKERS: I do not care. I repeat, I do not care if there are no other cars on the roads during the apocalypse. Use your god damn blinkers or I will rise from my grave and have you “look at the flowers”…


The Episode MVP

The award here is clearly going to Maggie. She is a badass and it will take a lot more than Negan and his goons to get this girl down. You betta stay away from her!

Well this episode wasn’t a complete waste of time but it also could have been spent watching “Chrisley Knows Best“. No matter you think, we will all be back watching this show next time. Until then keep your cars registered, and your minors insured. Rick can you do anything right?

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