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Groovy baby…. Let’s come down to the most flowery room in the land, episode five kickstarts surrounded by flowers of all colors, shapes, and sizes. The theme for room fives comes as no surprise it’s flower power baby! Trixie cosmetics has had many floral launches so to follow suit in her motel makes for excellent branding.

David treats Trixie to a treat and mini-break to non-other than the iconic The Brady Bunch dream house. They talk with a property brother Jonathan Scott… who has worked onset and is the perfect person to talk interior design with. This was more a moment for Trixie to live out her childhood dream and we get a tour of the well-loved family house, we are joined by the wonderful Zoey Deschanel. Walking into the girl’s bedroom, it’s clear Trixie was and still is influenced by the aesthetic,

As time has gone on with these room reveals, each time I worry when guests finally get to stay will they steal pieces, ruin the floors, spill drinks or undo all the hard work put into the motel. Well, we take a hotel undercover trip accompanied by the rap goddess and close friend Iggy Azalea. Iggy use to be a hotel cleaner before her days as a musician, she’s here to unearth the gory, dirty truth of what to expect once guests leave. We as viewers can only imagine what those poor cleaners have to endure once people have checked out, and Trixie gets a crash course in cleaning.

In between all this motel renovation, Trixie is on the road and alongside her 100 other projects Brandon her assistant chats about her hectic work life. The hard work and graft have allowed her to get to this level of purchasing the motel and making her dreams a reality. Of course, her nearest and dearest always worry about working herself into the ground…. as I write this she’s currently touring New Zealand and Australia on the Trixie and Katya tour straight from a UK tour, no rest for the wicked!

Back to Dani’s dismissing fake flowers in the room, I get it, in my household they were always called dust collectors. However Trixie is determined to prove Dani wrong just this once, she goes to a specialist florist who created the iconic and beautiful flower headpiece for the summer of love cosmetic launch. We learned whilst talking about fake flowers that it’s best to say ‘faux’, they go about creating a centerpiece for the room, and the result is so beautiful! We know this room is going to be bold, floral, and clashing.

Time for the room reveal and its flower heaven, everything meets the assignment, and it’s an actual barbie dream house. For me though, that hot pink bathtub and the accentuating color palette are everything. Trixie’s reaction is loud, emotional, and ecstatic about how the vision has exceeded expectations once again. So we’re getting closer to most rooms complete, the lobby is still in trouble alongside the pending liquor license? Will everything be sorted in time for the opening?

Next week we’re in for a treat as it’s time to recruit lifeguards, with a little help from comedian Leslie Jordan.

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