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Oh, Honey…. Episode seven is here and we start with good news, the permits have been approved and renovations are in full swing. All hands are on deck as 60 men are at the motel going 100mph, the lobby is stripped, and the motel has just three weeks till opening! 

Let’s check in on the lobby well the vibe is slightly stressed and not blessed, the lobby is bald and not beautiful. The team tries to get their spirits up even if Trixie doesn’t seem to have too much faith, gently reminding her how hard she multi-tasks and hustles to get things done.

Things are already off to an emotional start and I have my tissues as Trixie praises David about how hard he works, and how the motel is their child. I’m not crying, you are! As the motel hopes to be the official backdrop for future weddings, they decide what better way to start than with Dani and Philip?

But first, we need to check in with the Check-in desk and the plans drawn up for this are music to my ears. There will be a merch shop, I love Trixie merch and can only imagine how amazing it’s going to look. Accompanying the merch store and to keep it on brand, Trixie will have her doll collection on full display, her collection is worth A LOT of money, a brave woman. 

With a wedding to prepare for we need a makeup trial, and we have a makeup expert to help the one and only iconic Gigi Gorgeous. Dani proclaims she doesn’t look traditional/normal, yet her everyday outfits are so quirky and fun, that I can’t imagine her being anything but normal. The girls get to work and what emerges is a Drag Queen, ‘Welcome to the stage Miss Rita Sign”, a Barbie doll child of Trixies comes to life.

But back to renovations and whilst up on the roof Trixie makes an observation of the cottage cheese-drenched roof, and they’ll casually need $50,000 to get it sorted. The stress truly is in gear, but the roof is an important fixture that needs love and attention to halt future issues, yet the budget is so very very close to being eaten up. 

The last touches to the Oh Honey suites are complete, and oh Honey, it’s so beautiful! The tones of oranges and yellows with the patterns really are a live-in ’70s honeycomb, Dani gets to see her own revels after getting the wedding-ready. The bathroom is enormous, that investment has paid off as the size, and the placements are all perfect. Dani and Philip have the pleasure of being the first guests to break in the honeymoon suite. 

It’s wedding time, and Dani’s been prepped and ready, her hair is stunning. She is everything I wish to be, I love a non-traditional girl, her bouquet and her dress are to die for. Everyone’s outfits are wonderfully colorful, future weddings are going to have the perfect backdrop and location from this day forward.

We all know I’m a huge Trixie fan, seeing her serenade and dedicate a song to Dani and Philip just cemented my love for her. Her talent radiates and her voice is pure silk, it’s been a very emotional rollercoaster of an episode and I’ve loved it. It’s been the perfect blend of love, stress, style, and comedy. Next week check-in is open, and we get a special guest to help, I have a feeling this might be my favorite one, Can you guess who? 

Remember bookings are open for the Trixie Motel and available to watch on discovery plus every Friday.

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