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The Interview

The Interview: Vicky DeVille

The Interview

Well hello there Vicky DeVille! How are you doing on this horribly cold and windy New York City evening?

I’m actually doing great thanks. I am looking forward to a few days off work, eating a lot of home cooking and bingeing on some holiday movies. Can’t get much better than that!

What is your favorite holiday movie?

I’m a big fan of nostalgia so some of my favorite holiday movies are Elf, How the Grinch Stole ChristmasThe Muppets Christmas Carol and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I was actually just watching The Muppets Christmas Carol last night and I have to be honest. Michael Caine should have won an Oscar!

*Laughs* Agreed! That whole movie just pulls on all my heartstrings!

All the feels right? And since you mentioned home cooking, what are you most looking forward to?

Every Christmas Eve my mom always makes Paella which I love. Also, I will be eating Christmas cookies for three meals a day.

So be looking for Vicky in four way stretch costumes come the New Year kids!

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The Interview: Vicky DeVille 21

*Laughs* Exactly! I’m gonna have to invest in a good new corset!

So let’s hop in the Delorean and get back in time a bit, shall we? Where does your origin story begin?

Ah yes as I like to call it my “villain origin story”! I was born and raised in a town called Union, NJ. Grew up a really creative kid, always drawing, dancing and doing theater. I moved to NYC to go to FIT when I was about nineteen years old and went on to have a career working in fashion.

Plot twist! Most of these NYC interviews involve a degree in Musical Theater! What is your earliest memory of drag? 

Yeah! I always loved theater but considered it more of a hobby than a career. I used to get big roles in the plays but I can’t sing to save my life! I certainly excelled more in drawing and design so I took the fashion route instead. One of my first memories of drag was actually being a kid and staying up late to watch The RuPaul show. My parents didn’t have cable tv at our house. So when I would visit or sleep over at relatives houses, I would stay up all night and watch tv. I distinctly remember seeing RuPaul and being so fascinated. It was certainly my first exposure to drag and a small peak into nightlife of the time.

The old Vh1 show? I loved that show! Did you ever think back then that you’d someday be the queen up on stage?

Yes it was on Vh1! I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would perform as a drag queen, or even better….get paid to do it! Younger me always loved drag queens but I didn’t think it was an option for me.

Which did younger you love more, drag queens or Christina Aguilera?

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The Interview: Vicky DeVille 21

Oh Christina was my diva!!! I remember I wanted to dress like her my first day of high school. Specifically her outfit from the What a Girl Wants video. She just exudes this sexy confidence. I was such an awkward preteen at the time and I wanted to channel all her cool girl energy.

Talk to me about that pinned Instagram picture of you and her.

You mean… the best night of my life!?! Yes! So when I first started drag people would tell me all the time “girl you look just like Christina!”, which is a high compliment! But there were times I would be dressed as Lady Gaga or Madonna and I would still get ‘Christina-ed’. So I gave the people what they wanted and became a professional Xtina impersonator. I love exploring other sides of my drag persona but to be real, my Xtina is my money maker. One of my best friends (my now drag daughter), Dot DeVille got us a hook up which included tickets to her residency in Vegas along with a Meet & Greet. Being the huge fan I am I decided to recreate one of her looks she wore in the show and dressed as her for the pic. She was so delighted, her eyes lit up. Meanwhile I was trying my best not to faint or say something stupid!

So what did you say to her?

I was so nervous I could barely form a sentence! I said “Hi Gorgeous!” We took the pic and I said something like “Thank you so much for everything you do”, and then I ran away like a maniac. Our boobs did rub together when we took the pic too!! Hence the big smile on my face! *Laughs*

I’m not a boob scientist but I’m guessing that means there was some kind of transference of mutual fabulousity?

*Laughs* Exactly…like passing the torch and her giving me her blessing for my drag!

Sounds pretty legally binding to me! So all the groundwork was clearly there for you but how did you ultimately get your start in drag?

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The Interview: Vicky DeVille 21

I have always been a drag fan but it wasn’t until about 2016 that I really took interest. I had gone through a bad breakup and was turning 30. I was unhappy with my job and have no creative outlet. I was feeling really lost and unsure about my future. My best friends Max (Dot) and Wes started inviting me out to drag race viewing parties and live drag shows around the city. It just felt like I had found everything I was missing in my life and it became an obsession. I wanted to know everything and see it all. But as a cis woman I never thought I could do this and people would take me seriously. At the time there weren’t even many women in the audience of drag shows let alone on the stage. But I got to a point where I said I don’t care anymore this is what I want to pursue and no is gonna stop me. To my surprise I actually gained a lot of support from friends… and Xtina fans

Vicky DeVille, combination of your secret identity and Cruella?

Yes! Vicky DeVille is the bitchier and bougier version of my birth name!

What question about being a woman doing drag are you most tired of hearing?

I have been asked so many time “what kind of hardships have you faced as a woman in the drag community” as you can guess, a lot! And I still struggle and have hardships even after doing drag for six years. But I never like to dwell on the negative or look back on my drag career and focus on the bad times. I would much rather talk about the great things drag has brought to my life.

So what kind of hardships have you faced as a woman in the drag community?

*Laughs* I set myself up for that one!!

Sorry I couldn’t resist! So how did you go about finding your proverbial tribe in the NYC drag scene? You already mention that you’ve got a drag daughter. How did that come about?

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The Interview: Vicky DeVille 21

When I first started performing I would do a lot of competitions. I was trying my best to get stage experience and make new connections. I would perform all the time at Drag Wars and you meet A LOT of people there. Most of them I never saw again, but there are those few special queens that I really connected with. Meeting Shequida at Drag Wars was life changing. Having her support and encouragement gave me so much confidence and I have learned so much from her. I met Vinny through Drag Wars and we clicked from the beginning. Some other queens I really love working with are Hibiscus, Nicky O, Jo Disco and Izzy Uncut.

My drag daughter was born in quarantine! Max really introduced me to Drag Race and is someone I considered my “drag dad”  for a long time. When she wanted to start doing drag herself it seemed natural I became her mother as she was already part of my drag family.

As the mother of 7 drag daughters, I can say the good thing about drag children, you can always pad to give yourself child bearing hips. Would you want to add to your children?

Wow 7 drag kids that’s impressive! That must have been a lot of pumping! And yes I would love to add to my drag family. Would love to adopt a lil baby drag king actually someday.

I can make you a good deal on two or three of mine if you’re interested? No reasonable offer will be refused! But in lieu of that , what would say has been your greatest achievement in drag to date?

I would say my greatest achievement in drag was the mini doc I filmed for Ozy Media’s Unapologetic series. They made a really beautiful short video about my experience as a “Girl by Day, Queen by Night” when I first started out. The video got over 4.5 million views in the first couple months and was seen internationally. I think visibility is so important for AFAB queens because it’s not mainstream drag yet. I can’t tell you how many DM’s I got from people all around the world telling me that video inspired them to try drag and it was such a great feeling.

YouTube player

I know the weather outside is already frightful but I’m about to make it worse! We’ve reached…..THE LIGHTNING ROUND! *cue sound effect* Are you game??

Ooo yes!

Lightning Round

Must have makeup item? 

Mac retro matte lipcolor  in “Feels So Grand

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The Interview: Vicky DeVille 21

4 AM post show food craving?

Honey turkey on a hero roll from the deli (extra lettuce & mayo)

The best part of drag?

All the amazing people who are now in my life that I have met thru the community.

The worst part of drag?

All the shady copycat queens who steal my looks.

I said I was sorry!!

What can I say? I don’t follow trends, I set them!

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The Interview: Vicky DeVille 21

Most surprising thing about you that people might not know?

I hate bananas. They are my kryptonite!

Drag artist you would pay the most to see?

Coco Montrese.

Last movie to make you cry?

Everything makes me cry! I think I cried over a christmas commercial recently!

Streaming Binge recommendation?

Omg I have so many! But I would recommend The White Lotus season 2 if you haven’t seen it!

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The Interview: Vicky DeVille 21

Disney character you relate to the most?


In the movie of your life, who plays you?

Kirsten Dunst!

Favorite Christina song?


Final question, most embarrassing song on your phone?

The Ketchup Song! *Laughs*

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The Interview: Vicky DeVille 21

That last answer almost sunk you but it looks like you’ll indeed survive the Lightning Round!

You know that song will be stuck in your head now!

Sigh….thank you Vicky.

Mine too though!

So looking ahead to the future, what is on your proverbial drag bucket list that you want to accomplish?

I would love to host or co-host  my own monthly show in Manhattan in 2023. I would also love the opportunity to perform in other cities around the country.

You heard it here first bar owners! Make it happen for this girl! Beyond that, you can’t flip the channel without catching a new drag queen television show. Could you ever see yourself on tv?

I would love to bring my drag to TV! I look amazing on camera!!! Plus I also would love to start some conversations about drag that most people have not seen on their TV screens yet.

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The Interview: Vicky DeVille 21

Since Victoria Scone already broke the glass ceiling across the pond, one would assume it’s only a matter of time until it happens over here as well. Do you think you could handle being the trailblazer for AFAB cis queens on Drag Race here in the States?

I certainly think I have what it takes to be that queen. I actually have been doing drag longer than Victoria Scone and she was following me before she was on Drag Race UK. Drag race is a similar formula to America’s Next Top Model as far as competition. It was only a matter of time before ANTM expanded their casting that included men, trans, petite and plus size models. I think if RuPaul’s Drag Race as a show wants to continue its longevity on TV, it will have to eventually include more types of drag, including cis queens and drag kings.

You mentioned Victoria follows you and you’ve got thousands of other followers, including myself obviously. Not too bad for a “local queen” as the kids say.

Yes thank you! I appreciate everyone who has been following me on my drag journey! I like to think of it as my place where I can document my looks, performances and growth so I can share it with people who aren’t NYC adjacent and still want to see what I’m up to. Also I’m single and DMs are open. *winks* (Follow Vicky on IG here!)

Well my dear, we have just about reached the end of our time together.  I hope you have a lovely holiday season and that you manage to trick Santa into thinking you’re a “good girl”for another year! In all seriousness, I’m a total fan and I’m excited to see what 2023 holds for you. Do you have any final words of wisdom to leave the WERRRK. com universe with?

Thank you so much Chiffon it was lovely chatting! And I’m excited for 2023 as well hoping I’ll make some good coins with my drag next year! And my words of wisdom for the universe is always believe in yourself. If you don’t think you are cool, no one else will!

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(she/her) Despite being a drag journalist for over a decade, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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