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Milan Cook

Milan Cook is a sporadic blogger, womynist, dev bootcamp student, star wars fanatic, and dog lover. You can find some of her other work here and here. When she’s not creating a cavity in the couch while binging Netflix she’s learning to code and talking to her dogs like humans.

    • Movies Movie Review: Crazy Rich Asians

      Crazy Rich Asians is the most delightful rom coms I’ve since Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon and Sandra Bullock stopped dominating the...

      Milan CookAugust 10, 2018
    • Comics and Cosplay
      Shuri Should Not Be Ironheart!

        Ok, we’ve had a bit of time to digest Black Panther and to bask in the glory of everything it...

      Milan CookMarch 21, 2018
    • Comics and Cosplay
      Wakanda: The Home Of My Heart

      Wakanda Forever! No, but seriously, this movie was amazing. The world building in Black Panther was the most thorough to date...

      Milan CookFebruary 16, 2018
    • Movies
      Oscars So Ugh

      It’s that time of year again. Awards season. The time where we anxiously await the opinions of a bunch of faceless...

      Milan CookFebruary 26, 2017
    • Movies
      Carrie Fisher: Forever Our Princess, Forever Our General

      Everybody has moments that they will always remember. Where you were when the Towers fell, how you felt when you finally...

      Milan CookDecember 27, 2016
    • New York City
      Luke Cage Is A Lesson

        For the first time in my life, I’m taking my time watching a Netflix produced show. Not because it’s not...

      Milan CookNovember 2, 2016
    • News & Politics
      Racism Is Cyclical

      Editor’s note: We are very happy to announce that Milan Cook has joined as a regular contributor. Milan has previously contributed...

      Milan CookAugust 16, 2016
    • Popular Culture
      Catching ‘Em All Without Catching a Case

        Two weeks ago PokemonGo was released and subsequently took over my life. In the midst of all the awful in...

      Milan CookJuly 27, 2016
    • Music
      Beyoncé Gave Us A Gift

      My eyes are puffy, my head hurts and I’m in desperate need of coffee. Why? I watched “Lemonade” then listened to...

      Milan CookApril 25, 2016
    • Music
      Who Was Prince to You?

      Verklempt. The vapours. However you slice it, people all over the world are feeling a collective amalgam of emotions over the...

      Milan CookApril 21, 2016

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