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The Interview: Sister Indica Sativa

The Interview: Sister Indica Sativa 15


Chiffon Dior: Hi there Indie! I know this is a crazy busy week for you leading up to Project Nunway so thanks for fitting me in. How are you doing this evening?

Sister Indica: Hey Chiffon! Gurl, I’m a mess – but you already knew that. And so Sister Tragedy Ann doesn’t put a hit out on you – it’s Project NunwayLA. We’re all branded and shit. Oops – can I swear? Is this a family show?

CD: Well great. I think we just lost our Christian Mingle sponsorship. That’s going to put a crimp in Sidney’s salary. So before we delve into Project NunwayLA ™, how about we let the kids at home learn a little bit about you first?

SI: Well, I’ve lived quite a life (there WILL be a book and I pray, a LifeTime Movie) so let me fast-forward…my name is Sister Indica Sativa, The Holy Hybrid and I’m a member of the Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. We are a group of queer nuns raising HELL and sometimes some money for underfunded non-profits in the greater Los Angeles area and we’ve been toiling away all year planning this MONSTER event Project NunwayLA: DREAMSCAPE. I’m not the nicest or skinniest but I am the prettiest and that’s really all you need to know about me. Oh yeah and I write for your website!

CD: Really? You’re not the nicest? I had NO idea!

SI: Well, I am from Detroit…the Murder Mitten made me this way.

The Interview: Sister Indica Sativa 16

CD: Cheap plug time! Even though Indie isn’t the nicest, she offers great advice, recommends great music and has the best podcast on by far!

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The Interview: Sister Indica Sativa 17

SI: Joy Bomb! is the only podcast on! Hey, wait a damn minute…


CD: Whistles So anyway, how did you get involved with the Sisters?

SI: From age 15 – 30 I was an internationally-ignored song stylist – like Hedwig, but without the botched sex change. I wasn’t getting what I wanted from doing music – there was such a divide between artist and listener. I wanted to do something more…something that brought me closer to people and where I could make a more immediate impact. I saw the Sisters and was immediately drawn to their energy and look – OUTRAGEOUS! BLASPHEMOUS! I loved the way they gave a huge middle finger to the Church (I’m a recovering Christian) and told people, just by their existence, that it was ok and ENCOURAGED to follow your own path in life. That really resonated with me so in 2008, I started the path and haven’t looked back. I took lifelong vows which is why I promote myself as being the people’s HOMEGURL FOR LIFE! I fucking mean it, Chiffon! You fuck with me, you’re stuck with me.

CD: I know. I should have read your Terms of Service more closely before clicking yes. It’s worse than Facebook Messenger! As for things that are WAY better than Facebook Messenger. Let’s talk some Project NunwayLA! How did this event start?

SI: It started like five years ago in San Francisco which is also the birthplace of The Sisters (we steal everything from them). It was a way to combine outrageous fashion and a good cause all in one. Last year was our first one and we raised $10,000. We learned a lot from that virgin birth and let’s just say this year is going to blow people’s MINDS!

CD: And if you don’t already have a ticket, you’re SOL right?

SI: Yep – we sold every ticket! I literally can’t even. I’m gobsmacked!

CD: It must be because you’re a model in the show right?

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The Interview: Sister Indica Sativa 17

SI: Well duh! Also is a sponsor so I have to give you a huge thank you as well (and that’s all you’re getting).

CD: Well I knew I shouldn’t have given you a corporate credit card but what the hell, it’s a good cause!

SI: It really is – we are raising funds for Being Alive and LifeGroup LA – two groups who work in tandem to provide care to those with HIV/AIDS and their loved ones. They are doing such amazing work so all the planning and hustling we have done for a YEAR is all worth it. I mean, we sold out a week before the event! Come on ticket sales!

CD: So this has quickly become a focal point of the Sisters’ calendar, something that gets worked on year round?

SI: Yeah we are already planning next year’s event so if anyone wants to be a sponsor hit us up! (hint hint, Chiffon)

CD: You are shameless! But if someone did want to sign up to be a sponsor for next year, how would they go about it?

SI: Just go to! See how simple we make it? Nice and easy just like you (I am a lady after all).



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The Interview: Sister Indica Sativa 17

CD: Um….sure. So what kind of celebs will you be hobnobbing with?

SI: We are so excited – we have adult film director & DJ Chi Chi LaRue as one of our judges as well as Jai Rodriguez from Queer Eye. I may even be able to talk my pal Ts Madison into stopping by! And I heard last year’s NunwayLA host Laganja Estranja is coming. And she’s showing up at 4:20 for some odd reason. Just kidding…I know why.

CD: That reminds me. I need to speak to you about the results of our surprise drug testing.

SI: Totally unrelated – can you pee in this cup for me?

CD: Do you want to test positive for excessive gelato?

SI: It would be a welcome change.

CD: Has West Hollywood embraced this event?

SI: Yes! The City of West Hollywood is our co-sponsor and Being Alive is connect to the city so it’s a perfect match. We also have many community sponsors like Micky’s and The Abbey – aka the best gay bar in the world!

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The Interview: Sister Indica Sativa 17

CD: Do the Sisters have a fundraising goal they want to surpass?

SI: We hit $10k last year and are hoping to hit $20k this year. No matter the figure this event is poised to be the biggest event the LA Sisters have done in their 20 year Sistory (see what I did there? God, we’re clever). I’m honored to be part of the House at this point in time!

CD: crickets

SI: Um, tough crowd!

CD: Is there a way for people to donate if they can’t make it to the event?

SI: Not this year but we will have that in place for next year. We got such great press this year that people from all over the world want to support us, which is great…is this what “humbling” feels like? I’m honestly unfamiliar with that word.

CD: It’s simple. Take how you normally are and picture the exact opposite. So before we wrap this up, do you have any sneak previews for future articles or podcast guests?

SI: Wow – how rude (Michelle Tanner voice)! I wouldn’t want to ruin any surprises but I will say I have a LOT in store for NS4W. You of all people know I can’t quit running my big fat trap!

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The Interview: Sister Indica Sativa 17

CD: Um…yeah. If not for the donuts at the staff meetings, you’d never stop flapping your yap.

SI: A warning to all parents: this is what you get for ignoring your children. Forget Dr. Spock – spend an hour with me and you’ll be more attentive in a hurry! Oh God, I’m over sharing again. #CryForHelp

CD: Someone didn’t take her medication yet again. See what I have to deal with people? Okay, time to call it a night my dear. In spite of all the tweaks at you, you truly are our second to none nun! Any final words of wisdom Indie?

SI: Yes! I look forward to everyone seeing me exorcise my demons on the Nunway this Saturday! And I’ll tell you all about it in a future episode of my podcast JOY BOMB!

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(she/her) Despite being a drag journalist for over a decade, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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