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What The Walking Dead: Now 3


What The Walking Dead: Now


Welcome back friends! I would like to welcome you all the the first WTWD on the ALL NEW, ALL DIFFERENT Isn’t the new site so exciting?! Well this week The Walking Dead gave us a really juicy episode. We saw an immense amount of walkers, lesbian action, blood, sewer walkers, and another moment that allows myself to say “Damn it! I told you all this would happen”.

The episode began with Rick appearing out of no where and running into Alexandria with a huge herd of walkers behind him.  Unfortunately, Rick’s uninvited party guests means that no one can leave Alexandria. Maggie is freaking out because she doesn’t know where Glenn is… (neither do we boo). Aaron takes Maggie through the sewers so they can try and sneak around the Walkers to go find Glenn but they end up getting jumped by some really rad albeit super gross sewer zombies. Maggie then goes onto have a panic attack and announces she is scared and…… PREGNANT. This is the “Damn it! I told you all this would happen” moment. Tara checks in on Dr. Denise to see if she is doing okay. The doctor was pretty upset because she is bad at  her job so Tara tried to motivate her which just ended up with Denise finding Tara and kissing her. WOAH. Rick and Jessie meet up at some point and they have a steamy make-out session. This episode was just so sensual I can’t take it!



Well pregnancy is a fabulous thing. Assuming Glenn is alive, then I can say this will be great! If Glenn is dead… this is definitely tragic worthy. But I am happy about this really just so I can say “I told you so”. When Maggie did not go on this huge endeavor to lead the walkers away, it was so obvious that Maggie was pregnant. (*Editor’s Note: If it was so obvious, why didn’t you mention it before Nostradamus?)  Hopefully this will go over well but lets be honest… Pregnancy is basically a death sentence right Laurie? I am very happy that Tara and Denise are starting out this relationship in the right direction. It is hard out there to find love when you’re Tara so I am happy to see her finding some enjoyment out of life. The sewer Walkers were AMAZING. They were so scary and dirty, I could basically smell them through the television. Awards should be sent to the people who worked on that scene immediately! Deanna’s character is slowly transforming into a bad-ass and I am loving it! Just remember who the real boss is around these parts Deanna… *looks at Carol*



Now Rick…. I am happy for you that you may be finding love again. But lets review your love life. Your last relationship was with Laurie. Laurie was a sweet girl who slept with your best friend while you were in a coma which ended up with her becoming pregnant and dying of child birth. Do you really think this could turn out well? Somehow Jessie is going to be used against you and her pain will unravel you. Plus if you end up with one more freaking baby I will scream. Carl’s story with the other children feels very irrelevant and I hope it ends soon. I wouldn’t mind if the other kids got killed off soon. Also, Rick did you really have to bring all of these walkers? Did you think this through at all? I wish we could see how Rick survived the R.V experience.



The pick for this episode’s MVP was kind of tough. I juggled around a few but I think the real winner should be Deanna. Deanna has been going through a rough time since she watched husband get his throat sliced open. But by killing that walker (kind of), she kind of got a slap to the face and realized she needs to step up to the plate and make this town work again! FEMINISM!


All in all, this episode was great and felt so much better than last weeks! Next week’s episode looks pretty stressful and I am not ready. Also here is a prediction, we won’t see Glenn again until the end of the mid-season finale. Let’s hope he is alive and well when we see him… for our sanity’s sake. Until next time, keep your neighbors close and your condoms closer… because babies and apocalypse do not mix.

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Spencer is a Designer, Event Planner, and Television Nerd in Los Angeles; not to be confused with his look-alike... Chris Pratt. When Spencer isn't talking about fashion, he spends most of his free time eating burgers, hoarding Funko Pop-Vinyls, and talking your ear off about Game of Thrones.

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