What The Walking Dead: The Damned

Hey friends! Wow, have you ever seen a television show with so much action? Ehh… don’t answer that. This episode was just a hour long war scene and strangely I was here for it. Let’s break it down shall we? Grab your bulletproof vest, because it’s hot out!

The Good

 This episode was fun. It reminded me of a long war scene from movies such as Star Wars: Attack of the Clones or Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. It was fun to just watch our crew get all badass and take down all of these Saviors. I don’t know where all of this bad-assery came from… but it sure would have been helpful to have way earlier in the show. Rick’s team is suddenly like the deadliest SWAT team in Zombie Georgia. I would also like to point out how dope Carol looks walking around with a AK-47. Honestly though, this episode of The Walking Dead could turn out to be one of the best video games out there. Get me in the game coach!


The Bad

There really isn’t a whole lot to talk about in this episode because it was all action scenes. There was very little dialogue. There were a few things that did make me scratch my head though… First, what was the point of Jesus trying to show mercy on that Savior… then it got bad of course… then it turned around again… Just shoot him damn it! When will you people ever learn? Ughhh! I also don’t understand what Ezekiel and Carol are doing? They are literally just running around the woods with a tiger…Which is still pretty awesome. Just why? Ugh so many questions. I’m sure they must be trying to act as reinforcements or something but why is it taking so long?

The Episode MVP

 The episode MVP has to go to Morgan. Morgan was being cool and he got shot down and everyone seemed to have thought he died? Once they all ditched him, Morgan got up, grabbed a second gun, and literally went Lara Croft on every last Savior in that place.  Damn son, get them! Don’t forget about Morgan or he will find you… and kill you!

In Summation

I think we should all rip down our fences and armor our cars immediately. Carol and Ezekiel don’t seem to be in Kansas anymore?  Yeah yeah… I get it, Jesus is trying to save people… good joke Walking Dead. Ricks crew will literally kill you in your sleep. We know where you live. Jerry carrying a battle-axe in the woods is actually Chiffon Dior‘s Halloween costume. That girl with the bow is the closest thing to a Legolas character in modern television and I love it. Oh two Lord of the Rings references in one article! Seems like a missed opportunity to not put armor on that Tiger. Oh gosh, a familiar face from Season 1 is back! Who could it be I hope it’s T-Dawg! Oh no… It’s Morales! Shoot him Rick!

Well that was a crazy episode. Gosh I need to start watching normal people shows because my anxiety levels are through the roof. Thanks for stopping by and I’m looking forward to next week when Carol beats Morales’s ass! Probably won’t happen that way, but I could dream…

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